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Metro Waste Authority

Des Moines, Iowa

These offices are for a regional waste management authority. The owner brought a sensitivity and expertise to recycling and the responsible use of natural resources, and this sustainable focus is reflected throughout the project. The building utilizes large areas of exterior glazing. With offices at the perimeter, separated from open office by translucent partitions—the daylight was "harvested" to reduce overall energy consumption. Transparent and translucent surfaces communicate a philosophy of open, accessible management and governance.

Sustainable products used on the interior range from reconstituted wood studs and "closed loop" recycled carpet, to bamboo and natural linoleum. The Aeron task chairs are a fully recycled furniture selection. The office space is a case study in successful integration of recycled products and resource management communicating their mission to those they serve.

Firm of record is Herbert Lewis Kruse Blunck where Paul Mankins was the Principal-in-Charge
Photography by Bob Shimer/Hedrich Blessing


Honor Award, 2004
Iowa Commerce/AIA Iowa

Merit Award, 2003
AIA Central States Region

Honor Award, 2003
AIA Iowa


Iowa Commerce, Aug/Sep 2004
Iowa Architect, 04:247
Iowa Architect, 03:245
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